Business texting made easy
for professional services

Clients are going to expect to be able to text your company whether your prepared to handle it or not. Your clients want answers quickly and updates conveniently. Would you rather give them communication headaches or deliver a customer service slam dunk?
Using texting to your advantage will
only make your business better.

Over 50% of voicemails are not listened to for at least 8 hours. (Nuance Communications)

Nuance Communications Over 50% of voicemails are
not listened to for at least 8 hours."

(Nuance Communications)

Let's face it: all your customers would
rather text you than call you.
Dont waste time on email
And customers are going to expect to be able to text their agents and your office whether your prepared to handle it or not. Your clients want answers quickly and conveniently. But this potential problem can transform into a customer service slam dunk with the right process in place. In fact, using texting to your advantage will only make your business better.

Texting is less intrusive than a phone call Texting is less intrusive
than a phone call

You get faster responses than sending an emailYou get faster responses
than sending an email

Start a trusted two-way conversation. By texting, you connect in the most effective and efficient way for both parties.

How Captivated works
for professional services


Keep track of all the text communications in your office on one platform. Handling communications about a customer's account can be delicate.

Your office needs to able handle a variety of inquiries and information requests and provide the right feedback quickly. Imagine giving your clients the ability to text or call any direct dial number in your office. If helping your client requires a team effort, skip the pain of carbon copy emails and invite your co-worker to a conversation or join a conversation at anytime.

Store essential text communication permanently

No one can afford to lose essential communication or client authorizations. Don't let your staff use their cell-phones to communicate via text. Personal texts can get lost if you don't have the right system. No need to tediously copy information or store a pile of paper documents. No need to forward texts to your email just to keep a copy. Instead, all your text conversations are stored in one easy-to-find place immediately.


Compliant Conversations

Use Captivated to deliver notifications directly to supervisors based on key words in conversations. If you outsource your compliance effort, let Captivated send all of your conversation threads to a third-party company that may already be managing your email compliance.

We needed to make it easier to connect with our clients for quick questions or schedule appointments. Text is the obvious choice and Captivated was the perfect fit for our team. Our clients can now text our landline number for quick customer service.

Kevin Korhorn – President, Korhorn Financial Group (a Captivated client since Nov 2016)

Your customers need consistent access to information, but your company must handle these requests appropriately and securely. With Captivated, you can monitor and review client-employee communication and provide helpful coaching to improve future performance. You never have to worry that texting conversations will be too informal or the wrong information will be shared. Instead, you'll have an organization-wide solution to creating a consistent, appropriate customer experience.

Access Captivated anywhere

With the Captivated mobile app, you can manage every agent and office employees' customer communication on-the-go. Our app can be used on any Desktop, iOS or Android device.

Access Captivated anywhere

Text to pay

Customers can quickly confirm premium payments within the app and never again have to worry about being overdue.

Access Captivated anywhere

Group messaging Group messaging

Group messaging allows you to easily connect with any segment of your database with a group, "BCC" send. This means increased efficiency for your employees, greater loyalty from your customers, and more revenue for your business. Your customers don't have to download an app or navigate through a web portal. They simply text you back like they do their family and friends. You can also leverage our templates with group send that allows each message to be personalized. Do you need to collect data or get a signature? Use our customized forms and easily collect data from an entire group.

How does this
improve customer service?

Your office has to handle a high volume of customer communication in addition to doing top-quality work. Playing phone tag with customers and leaving lengthy voicemails can be a hassle. Wouldn't you rather take advantage of a more efficient, easier platform that keeps your customers and employees on the same page?

With Captivated, your customers don't have to be on hold for long periods of time just to get simple answers. Encourage your customers to shoot you a text if they have any concerns. Rather than let complaints end up on social media, improve customer service with a few quick texts. You'll allow customers to communicate on their terms and they'll be more encouraged to send feedback and suggestions if they can do it fast.

Request Payment with Text-to-pay

Notify your customers when their payments are due.

Send a secure-link allowing your clients to quickly and easily pay any outstanding invoice and cut down on receivables.Request Payment with Text-to-pay

Information Requests Information Requests

Deliver quick answers on simple account questions.

Avoid unnecessary phone calls and emails when a short response will do.

Get more clients with less effort

How does this help you
get more clients?

Use our Website Lead
generation tool.

Use our Website Lead generation tool Allow website visitors to immediately text into your company without having to fill-in a long form. Best of all, unlike a typical chat tool, you can follow-up with them on their mobile device anytime in the future to earn their business.

A better way to stay in touch with customers

After you introduce yourself to a potential customer, you can establish trust immediately by offering them the ability to text rather than imposing a phone call or sending unnecessary mail to their house.

No more business cards. Afraid potential clients will get your card and lose it? Send your contact information via text instead and let your customers know that they have access to a dedicated text line to handle their policy inquires - just like a phone call, only more convenient.

More convenience, more choice. Captivated allows your clients to get the same information they would from competitors but faster and more convenient. Differentiate your company's offerings through better communication others can't provide.

Stay in the loop

Answer questions - Be available for any quick questions customers have during the sales process Stay in the loop

Set and confirm appointments - Stay flexible with meeting prospective clients and make sure they are coming in when you expect them

Are you ready to Captivate
your clients?

Captivated is more than just texting.
With our platform, you can handle internal team communication as well, making sure your entire team is in the loop.

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