An enterprise solution for better customer communication

  • Keep your team on track

  • Email Notifications

    To ensure no message slips through the crack.

  • Built-in Reminders & Notes

    That only you and your team can see.

  • Custom Keyword Automation & Notifications

    To stay on top of what matters most.

Captivated dashboard
  • All of your messages in one place

  • Smart Message Routing

    Assures you that messages are sent to the right people or departments.

  • Process Integration

    Into your custom data and workflows that allows improved employee performance.

  • Manage All Teams and Employees

    By creating new users, departments and conversation queues.

Captivated dashboard

"Text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate."

- Mobile Marketing Watch

Remote Access

Available on any iOS, Android or Desktop device for remote access anywhere.

"90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes."

- Connect Mogul

Text to Pay

Customers can send mobile payments quickly and conveniently.

  • A better way to communicate with customers

  • Record and store conversations

    So you can keep track of customer communication.

  • Digital business cards

    Deliver digital business cards directly to your customer's smartphone so they can quickly connect with you in the future.

  • Send pictures, videos and files through messages

    To deliver a multimedia response.

  • Auto-responses

    Set expectations on hours of operation so they know when they should expect a text back.

Captivated mobile application
Image of Captivated's mobile app
  • Schedule your messages

    Schedule automatic messages that notify customers of their upcoming service. You can even send follow up texts as the time of the appointment nears.

  • Assign conversations

    Reduce cancellations with confirmation texts from your customers. A quick text back from a client can help you keep a full schedule.

  • Send pictures, files and videos

    Will this customer need a loaner vehicle? Will they be staying at the dealership? Do they need a ride from the shuttle? Find out quickly before the customer arrives so you’re ready for their visit.

  • Deliver digital business cards

    use scheduled messages to automatically follow-up with customers who have declined or postponed a needed repair.

  • Receive customer payments

    use scheduled messages to automatically follow-up with customers who have declined or postponed a needed repair.

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