Business texting made easy

for auto dealerships, repair shops, parts stores, and body shops

auto dealerships

Let's face it,

everyone would rather text you

than call you.


Texting is pervasive and convenient. It's less intrusive than a phone call. You get faster responses than sending an email. THE AVERAGE TEXT IS READ IN 90 SECONDS, EMAIL 90 MINUTES!

Start a trusted two-way conversation with your customers.

By texting, you are connecting with customers in the most effective and efficient way for both parties. Text has a tremendous advantage over chat simply because the conversation can be completed on the customer's mobile device and picked up later at any time. You don't have to wait for the customer to jump back on the chat line to re-engage.


How Captivated works


Access Captivated anywhere

With the Captivated mobile app, your dealership can manage employee and customer communication on-the-go. Our app can be used on any Desktop, iOS or Android device.

All your messages in one place

Manage all your employee and customer messages in one easy-to-use platform. Customers can text or call any number at your office and their messages arrive in the same place! Assign employees messages so the right person for the job knows to follow up soon.

Text to pay

Customers can make payments within the app and quickly take care of business so their car service happens faster.

Keep track of all types of customers

Keep track of all
types of customers

You have many types of customers: prospects, buyers, service customers and more. With Captivated, you can categorize each type and build a better database with our standardized tags that allow you to keep track and improve your communication with your clients. You can schedule appointments, and customer history and messages are stored forever.

Leverage your existing phone number

With Captivated, the call-to-action should not be limited to Click or Call. All of your ads showing your phone lines should say “call or text.” Captivated allows you to immediately manage those leads and they are directed to the right department or team. By text enabling any number in your dealership, you stay engaged with the customer who responds back from a phone call “can't talk right now, in a meeting.”


Compliant conversations made easy

Needless to say, you have zero control if your staff is texting from their own devices and personal cell numbers. More importantly, when an employee leaves, they take those customers and those conversations with them. With Captivated, all conversations are started compliantly and all best practice standards are adhered to. The perfect non-solicitation starter text is simply sharing your digital business card with a customer saying, “Hi Mr. Jones, for your convenience, here is my contact card. Please feel free to reach out anytime in the future or reply 'stop' if you would prefer not to communicate via text.”

Make it personal

Our variable data merge fields make personalizing a template a breeze. This is not robotic sounding notifications from an automated system, but authentic conversations that are simply made easier with our advanced technology.


The power of an Enterprise platform for your BDC

If you have multiple locations or multiple stores, imagine overseeing and managing all communication in one place. This is perfect for BDC's that handle traffic for dealer groups. All leads and initial conversations can be handled at the enterprise level and then transferred to the appropriate department or employee in seconds. Engagement reaches a whole new level and best practices are shared and enforced throughout your enterprise.

Streamline Advisor
and Customer Communication

Your service team has to handle a high volume of customer communication in addition to doing top-quality work. Playing phone tag with customers and leaving lengthy voicemails can be a hassle. Wouldn't you rather take advantage of a more efficient, easier solution that keeps your customers and employees on the same page?

Here's how we do it:


Send reminders
Schedule automatic messages that notify customers of their upcoming service. You can even send follow up texts as the time of the appointment nears.

Get confirmation
Reduce cancellations with confirmation texts from your customers. A quick text back from a client can help you keep a full schedule.

Prepare for the visit
Will this customer need a loaner vehicle? Will they be staying at the dealership? Do they need a ride from the shuttle? Find out quickly before the customer arrives so you're ready for their visit.

Attack declined services
Use scheduled messages to automatically follow-up with customers who have declined or postponed a needed repair.

Attack declined services

Service & Parts & Body Shop

Get repair authorizations instantly
Does your customer need additional repairs? Text them what they need and the costs. No need to wait around for a call. Quickly get in touch and receive confirmation that you're good to go ahead.

Share pictures and video
Text pictures or videos of parts recommended to be replaced to speed up authorizations and increase sales.

Progress updates
Send your customers repair updates, estimate when you think the work will be finished and notify them when the job is complete.

Answer questions about inventory and send a message when a special order part arrives.

Text to pay
With the Captivated app, you customers can make payments on repair services.

Notify when the job is done
Send a message to your customers when their vehicle is ready for pickup and don't worry about leaving a voicemail or playing phone tag.

We use Captivated at our dealerships and have been extremely satisfied with the product and the service provided. It allows us to engage with customers in new and creative ways, and ensures there are no communication breakdowns with our clients. The Captivated team has also been responsive and flexible, allowing us to forge a very successful partnership.

Paul Germain
Germain Automotive

Business texting made easy

Sell more cars with less effort

How does Captivated
help you sell cars?

Show off inventory

Send pictures and videos
Keep customers interested in buying from your dealership by sending a teaser photo or video of a newly arrived vehicle. Use templates to share existing articles or reviews and provide the customer with more reasons to buy from you.

Stay in the loop

Not everyone wants to be hassled with a phone call. Send a text to potential customers to stay in touch without having to burden them when they're busy. In some cases, it is simply a quick text asking "Hey John, great news, when is a good time to connect for 3 minutes on the phone?

Answer questions
Be available for any quick questions customers have during the sales process.

Set and confirm appointments
Stay flexible with meeting prospective clients and make sure they are coming in when you expect them.

Finance and Insurance

Send messages if your customers need to provide additional documents.

Notify them
when they get approved

Regardless of what CRM or DMS software you use, Captivated is a game changer. It allows us to engage with more customers more easily than ever before.

Bill Skillman
Ray Skillman Automotive Group

Business texting made easy

How does this improve
customer relations?

Use Captivated to encourage customers

Use Captivated to encourage customers to text in if they have any concerns.
Rather than let complaints end up on social media, improve customer service with a few quick texts.

You'll allow customers to communicate on their terms and they'll be more encouraged to send feedback and suggestions.

Customers to communicate

Captivated is perfect for connecting quickly with our service customers and for following up on declined services.

Brett Rozzi
General Manager Penske Chevrolet

Business texting made easy

Are you ready to captivate
your customers?

Captivated is more than just texting.
With our platform, you can handle internal team communication,
MMS delivery and schedule appointments with no hassle.

No more business cards.
Send your contact information via text and let your customers know that they
have access to a dedicated text line that transfers their inquiries to the right
department-just like a phone call, only more convenient.

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