real fan appreciation

let them text a real person, not a robot

CAPTIVATED enables your fans to communicate

with your venue or sales team quickly and efficiently through text messaging.
It is the perfect aid for the sales process as well as a concierge solution to improve guest relations.

Why Captivated

Giving your fans the option to text your staff will improve the overall experience and impact loyalty and future sales.


Americans prefer texting
to phone calls 5 to 1
- so do your customers.



Real-time communication.



Texting provides an engagement
rate over 6 times that
of email.



Communicate with your fans the same way they would communicate with family and friends.



Greater fan engagement drives loyalty and future sales opportunities.


Key Features

Functionality that impacts everyone

WEBsite lead generation
Allow prospective fans to quickly and easily text you when they visit your website. Immediately manage this lead or transfer it to the right team or co-worker.

Customize data and build simple workflows that empowers your team and improves their performance. Captivated allows you to quickly and easily transfer a conversation to the right person or the right queue. You can even invite a co-worker to join a conversation or simply add insight.

Variable data templates
Use our powerful variable data merge fields within our templates to speed up productivity and make sure your team is delivering the perfect message or reply that personalizes the communication and builds relationships.

If a fan uses a choice word, opts out, or needs immediate assistance in an emergency, our software's keyword alert technology automatically notifies you when oversight is required.

scheduled messages
Let's face it; timing is everything. Sending the right message at the right time is simple with our scheduled message feature.

Every conversation is stored and reviewable giving your team access to valuable information that phone calls simply can't provide.

In-Line Notes
Add notes on each conversation that only you and your team will see for quick communication and help from your team members.

Hold your team accountable as well as give real-time guidance and feedback to an employee directly within conversations.

Make it simple for your fans to reach you in the future by pushing all necessary contact info directly in your Fan's phone. Forward ticket and suite requests directly to your sales team.

Increase clarity and improve the customer experience by sending and receiving pictures & videos. If a concerned parent needs to share a picture of "misplaced" child, that image can immediately be shared with your entire staff.

Access Captivated from any Desktop, iOS or Android device. Every usher may not have a walkie-talkie, but they certainly can download our free smartphone application and easily communicate with the team.

Coming in Q2 2017, use custom tags to segment your database into simple groups and send them direct messages.

CRM integration
Captivated is delivering this powerful add-on in by summer 2017. Imagine viewing previous messages or starting a new conversation while in your CRM.

real fan appreciation

Real Fan Appreciation

Let your fans talk to text a real person not a robot

Are you ready to captivate fans?

Captivated is more than just texting.
With our platform, you can handle internal team communication, MMS delivery and schedule appointments with no hassle.

No more business cards.
Send your contact information via text and let your customers know that they have access to a dedicated text line that transfers their inquiries to the right department-just like a phone call, only more convenient.

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