Texting made easy for your Day Cares and Preschools

Building partnerships between families and early childhood staff

Texting is pervasive, convenient and the preferred form of communication for just about everyone these days. It's less disruptive for working parents than a phone call. Directors get faster responses than sending an email.

Over 50% of voicemails are not listened to for at least 8 hours. (Nuance Communications)

Nuance Communications Over 50% of voicemails are
not listened to for at least 8 hours."

(Nuance Communications)

Start a trusted two-way conversation
with parents. By texting, you connect
with parents in the most convenient way.

Don't waste time on email

Texting is less intrusive than a phone call

Text or call? Working parents are often too busy to take a call right away. They would rather text, allowing them to reach your or respond when they're ready without having to step away to take a personal call.

Texting is less intrusive than a phone call Texting is less intrusive
than a phone call

You get faster responses than sending an emailYou get faster responses
than sending an email

How Captivated works

All your messages in one place

All your messages in one place

Manage the communications of your Day Care or Preschool in one platform. Implement this easy-to-use solution and capture all conversations. No more phone tag or painfully slow email correspondence.

Group Messaging is the best solution
for keeping parents up-to-date

With group messaging coming in early 2017, you can manage all of your communications with parents more easily and provide important reminders and helpful information. Group texting is the perfect solution for:

Sending important reminders to parents on all your school or day care needs

  • Holiday hours
  • School closings
  • Special event dates
  • Items to bring
    (field trips, picture day, etc.)
  • Payment due dates
  • Forms and permission slips needed

Updating parents with any necessary information:

  • Weather-related closings and delays
  • Their childrens well-being
    (sickness, minor injury, etc.)

Collecting payment from parents through secure payment links, electronic permission slips, forms, and applications

Coordinating quickly with your staff members and notifying them as necessary

Access Captivated anywhere

With the Captivated mobile app, your teachers and staff can manage communication with parents on-the-go. Our app can be used on any Desktop, iOS or Android device.

Access Captivated anywhere

Keep track of important information

With Captivated, you can use tags to keep track of important information regarding both children and parents (allergies, emergency contacts, medications, work schedules, etc.).

Keep track of important information

5 Reasons Captivated is the right
choice for your day care or preschool

Easily engage leads

Easily engage leads
Easily engage leads

With our lead generation tool, parents in need of child care can quickly and easily connect with you by sending a text straight from your website. Avoid the pain of voicemail and phone tag and the lag time of email by instantly communicating with interested parents.

Captivated is the perfect Chat replacement so your staff can easily connect and answer questions from parents looking for early childhood care.

Super charge your existing landline phone numbers

Now, all of your print ads and website advertisements can say call or text. Captivated can text enable all of your existing landlines so parents can choose to call or text. If a parent ignores your call and replies via text, I can't talk right now, your teachers and staff can stay engaged right from their desktop or mobile device and get the intended message to the parent via text.

Super charge your existing landline phone numbers

Speed, convenience & clarity

Speed, convenience & clarity

Our easy-to-use personalized templates with variable data merge fields make it easier to connect with parents quickly and professionally, yet with a true one-on-one, personalized feel.

Coaching & oversight

Coaching & oversight

Captivated allows anyone on your staff to quickly share a note and ask for help from a co-worker or a supervisor. Multiple people can follow important conversations and tag-team to make sure requests from parents are addressed quickly and thoroughly.

The bottom line

Throughout the year, Captivated empowers your entire staff to communicate with parents of children the same way they communicate with their friends. Parents want to be in the know and be able to reach your staff quickly and conveniently. Captivated enables you to build relationships and trust with these parents. It empowers you to set meetings and provide reminders. You can even use Captivated to move paperwork and get signatures. As a result, communication is better and parents are happier. That leads more clients to return and more prospects to commit. The increase to your bottom line will be measureable.

Expedite the enrollment process

Captivated helps you communicate with parents in every part of the enrollment process. Whether they are just starting an application ready to enroll, Captivated provides the fastest, most convenient way to communicate. This is especially important between the time a child is accepted into your program and when they actually enroll. Once you know a family is serious about your program and meets all the requirements, use texting to keep them updated on important dates and tasks they still need to complete. By offering quicker communication, you are giving your preschool or day care a competitive advantage and staying top-of-mind.


Are you ready to Captivate
parents of your day care & preschool children?

Captivated is more than just texting.
With our platform, you can handle internal team communication, MMS delivery and schedule appointments with no hassle. Skip the snail mail and physical paperwork by sending links to electronic forms and secure billing portals.

No more business cards

Send your contact information via text and let parents know that they have access to a dedicated text line that transfers their inquiries to the right department just like a phone call, only more convenient.

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