Business texting made easy for hotels & Hospitality Venues

Communicating with your guests shouldn't be hard. But the endless games of phone tag and the lost email chains can turn simple conversations into a big headache if you're not careful. It's time to connect with your guests the way they want to communicate - the same way they communicate with their friends.

How does texting
help the hospitality business?

  • Avoid countless calls by empowering guests
  • Accept payments and send reminders so money arrives on time
  • Quickly address questions and concerns from your guests
  • Communicate internally with your staff

How can texting help you close more deals with prospects?

  • Set appointments to meet with guests
  • Manage inbound prospect leads
  • Develop notes on each potential guest
  • Answer questions quickly in between visits

Don't stress over personal numbers

Managing guests messages on your personal number is difficult. The volume of messages you receive is almost unmanageable alone. With Captivated, you can forward conversations to empower other employees to help and leave important notes on guests so nothing is lost in translation. Your entire team will be able to tackle guest communications on one platform and you avoid the need to carbon copy people to death on personal texts. You're taking potential obstacles out of our personal phone and making conversations move faster instead. Plus, you don't have to worry that when employees leave your business they'll take guest contacts with them.


How can your
guests use texting?

  • Quickly book reservations
  • Send staff questions or notify of problems without having to make a call
  • Send payments with text-to-pay confirmation
  • Set spa appointments
  • Order extra towels
  • Reserve tee times
  • Schedule late check outs and wake up calls
  • Submit valet requests
  • Make dinner reservations and order room service

No more phone calls. No waiting on email replies


Let's face it: Your guests and prospective customers would rather text you than call or email you.

Less than 1/3 of prospective guests will pick up the phone if you callLess than 1/3 of prospective guests will pick up the phone if you call. You can't afford to inconvenience guests with voicemail and confusing phone tag games. Give them a better reason to communicate with your business.

Texting is less intrusive than a phone call
Texting is less intrusive than a phone call
Dont waste time on email
You get faster responses than sending an email
You get faster responses than sending an email

Why do you need
to text customers now?

Increase leads

Increase leads

Empower your guests and prospects to quickly and easily text you directly from your website. Leads will be sent directly to your texting inbox for the staff to handle. You can transfer conversations to the right leasing agent or employees instantly.

Empower prospective guests to quickly and easily text you directly from your website

Supercharge your landline

Captivated enables your landlines with texting so all your print ads can say call or text.

call or text

Record conversations

Who has time to listen to old voicemails or dig through old emails to find what you're looking for? That's painful. With Captivated you'll have a permanent record of every tenant and prospect conversation.

Speed up productivity

Speed up productivity

Use our powerful variable data merge fields within our templates to make sure your team is delivering the perfect message faster and replying in a personal way that builds better relationships. Quickly share floor plans, prices and special deals and other information prospects request.

Transform guest service

Quickly and easily transfer conversations to an employee or department so every issue is handled properly. Invite co-workers to join the conversation or add insight. Eliminate complaints faster, prevent social media complaints and avoid a damaged online reputation by allowing your guests to easily voice their concerns to you.

Enjoy custom keyword alerts

If a guest uses a key word, you can receive notifications to ensure that the right team member sees the message and deal with the issue as quickly as possible.


Request payment deposits through secure billing links without needing the guest to deliver their credit card number over the phone.

Coaching effectively

Keep your team accountable with real-time guidance and feedback to any employee directly within conversations (notes are also useful here).

Coaching effectively

Schedule messages

Have you ever had a guest say, "Get back to me in a week and I'll know by then"? Never worry about the lag time again. With our scheduled message feature, you can type the message immediately and deliver it at any time or date in the future.

Built-in notes

Add notes on each conversation that only you and your team will see. Notes enable you to tag-team with your co-workers, making sure a conversation gets handled quickly and thoroughly.

Ditch business cards

Deliver digital business cards so your guests and prospects and easily reach you in the future by placing your contact info directly in your smartphone.

Deliver multimedia messages

Increase clarity by sending and receiving pictures and videos. Send pictures of rooms and venues to prospective guests. Do it all on one mobile app.

Use Captivated anywhere

Access Captivated from any desktop, iOS or Android device. Every employee can download our free app and easily communicate with tenants and team members on-the-go.

Get notifications

Desktop browser notifications and email notifications are delivered to you so you don't miss any incoming messages. If you're away from your desks, you'll get mobile notifications on your iOS or Android app.

Group messaging

Coming in early 2017, use custom tags to segment your database into simple groups and send them direct messages.

Target messaging

CRM integration

Coming summer 2017, Captivated is delivering this powerful add-on. View previous messages or start a new conversation while still in your CRM.

How does this
improve your business?

  • Make a permanent connection by instantly pushing your contact information into each guest's smartphone.
  • Reduce phone traffic and voicemails in your office. Your team can handle eight text conversations for every one phone call.
  • Remove the cguest's pain of being put on hold
  • Increase loyalty and guest satisfaction through better engagement
How does this improve your business?
  • Increases your number of repeat guests through better communication
  • Drive new leads through our website widget and by enabling your landline
  • Improve your online reputation by giving your guests and patrons an easy way to reach out with concerns via text
  • Increase employee efficiency by eliminating hundreds of carbon copy emails, voicemails, and phone tag

Are you ready to Captivate
Your guests?

Captivated is more than just texting.
With our platform, you can handle internal team communication, MMS delivery and schedule appointments with no hassle.

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