Your clients have many choices

Incredible service
& real-time engagement
may be the only way
you keep them

In the world of on-line, self-service, you are no longer competing with just the agency down the street.

Over 50% of voicemails are
not listened to for at least 8 hours."
(Nuance Communications)

Captivated will build loyalty by generating more meaningful, engaging, and authentic conversations more quickly.

Let's face it: all your customers would rather text you than call you.

Don't waste time on email

And customers are going to expect to be able to text their agents and your office whether your prepared to handle it or not. Your clients want answers quickly and conveniently. But this potential problem can transform into a customer service slam dunk with the right process in place. In fact, using texting to your advantage will only make your business better.

Texting is less intrusive
than a phone call
You get faster responses
than sending an email

5 ways

we turn conversations into commitments:

Capture more leads

Capture more leads
With our website widget, new prospects can quickly and easily reach out to your firm. Avoid the pain of voicemail and phone tag, by instantly communicating with hot prospects.

Super Charge your existing landline phone numbers.

Now, all of your print ads and website advertisements should say call or text. Captivated can text enable all of your existing landlines so prospects and clients can choose to call or text. When a prospect replies via text, "I can't talk right now," your recruiter can stay engaged right from their desktop or mobile device and keep the conversation going via text.

Speed Convenience & Clarity

Our easy to use personalized templates with variable data merge fields will make it simple to connect quickly and professionally, yet with a true, one-on-one, personalized feel. Your staff will deliver just the right message with templates controlled by your marketing team.

Coaching & oversight

Let's face it, every team member needs help once in a while. Captivated allows anyone on your staff to quickly share a note and ask for help from a co-worker or a supervisor. In fact, an entire group or team can follow important conversations until the engagement is complete.

The bottom line

Throughout the relationship, Captivated allows your staff to communicate with prospects and clients the same way they communicate with their friends. Moving a client along the sales process is a comfortable process that builds relationships and drives loyalty.
You can even use Captivated to move paperwork and get signatures. The bottomline will be measureable.

Business texting made easy for insurance agents

How Captivated works


Keep track of all the communications
in your office

Managing an office can be hard. Insurance agencies handle a variety of inquiries and information requests. Wouldn't you like to give your customers the ability to text or call any number at your office and have their messages arrive in the same place? Assign employees messages so the right person for the job knows to follow up soon.

Seamless integration into your current agency management system

No one can afford to lose essential communication, authorizations or documents. Texts can get lost if you don't have the right system. With seamless integration into your agency management system, you'll have a record of all communication that can be retrieved just like an email. No need to tediously copy information or keep paper documents. No need to forward texts to your email. It's all stored in one easy-to-find place immediately.

Signing up with Captivated just made sense. The convenience and efficiency of their SAAS texting product improves the customer experience as well as the efficiency of my office.
R. J. Puthran


Set proper standards for customer communication

Every insurance office should want to keep consistent communication when dealing with clients. With the right texting platform, you can monitor and review customer-employee communication and provide helpful coaching to improve future performance. You never have to worry that texting conversations will be too informal.


Access Captivated anywhere

With the Captivated mobile app, you can manage every agent and office employees' customer communication on-the-go. Our app can be used on any Desktop, iOS or Android device.



(Q2- 2017) Target messaging will allow you to manage all your communications better and deliver faster response times to your patients. That means increased efficiency from employees, greater loyalty from patients and more revenue for your business. Patients don't have to download an app or navigate through a web portal. They simply receive and return texts to you.

Text to pay

Customers can quickly confirm premium payments within the app and never again have to worry about being overdue.


Keep track of all types of customers

You have many types of prospective and current customers: families, individuals, corporations and more. You have different types of insurance plans. With Captivated, you can categorize each type with our standardized tags that allow you to keep track and improve your communication with your clients. You can manage appointments, develop customer history and store messages.

How does this
improve customer service?

Your office has to handle a high volume of customer communication in addition to doing top-quality work. Playing phone tag with customers and leaving lengthy voicemails can be a hassle. Wouldn't you rather take advantage of a more efficient, easier solution that keeps your customers and employees on the same page?

Use Captivated to encourage your policy holders to shoot you a text if they have any concerns. Rather than let complaints end up on social media, improve customer service with a few quick texts. You'll allow customers to communicate on their terms and they'll be more encouraged to send feedback and suggestions.


Send reminders - Schedule automatic messages that notify customers of upcoming meetings. You can even send follow up reminders as the time of the appointment nears.

Get confirmation - Reduce cancellations with confirmation texts from your customers. A quick text back from a client can help you keep a full schedule.


Notify your policy holders when their payments are due

Text to pay - With the Captivated app, you customers can make premium payments quickly

Information Requests

Deliver quick answers on simple policy questions

Avoid unnecessary phone calls when a short response will due

Answer payment inquirers fast and bypass the need for an in-person meeting

Get more clients with less effort

How does this help you
sell more insurance policies?

A better way to stay in touch with customers

After you introduce yourself to a potential customer, you can establish trust immediately by offering them the ability to text rather than imposing a phone call or sending unnecessary mail to their house.

No more business cards. Afraid potential clients will get your card and lose it? Send your contact information via text instead and let your customers know that they have access to a dedicated text line to handle their policy inquires - just like a phone call, only more convenient.

Stay in the loop

Answer questions - Be available for any quick questions customers have during the sales process

Set and confirm appointments - Stay flexible with meeting prospective clients and make sure they are coming in when you expect them

YOUR clients?

Captivated is more than just texting.
With our platform, you can handle internal team communication, MMS delivery and schedule appointments with no hassle.

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